Scrutinizing you bank statements at regular Intervals.

Assistance in timely submission of stock statements and other required statements to bank.

Assistance on timely submission of renewal proposal to bank.

Advise on timely payment of bank loan interest & instalments without delay.

Periodical analysis of financial statements to improve ratios.

Advise on optimum financing pattern and control over fund diversion if any

Assistance in timely compliance of bank's post- sanction terms & conditions

Ensure adequate insurance for stocks & assets and timely renewal of insurance cover to protect your interests.

Assistance in timely submission of credit proposal for enhancement/ new credit limits/ new projects.

Assistance in timely compliance of bank's pre- sanction terms & conditions.

Advise on selection of suitable products and services offered by various banks.

Advise on efficient foreign exchange management: exchange rates, forward contracts, export orders, LCs, etc.

Advise on availing subsidy & benefits eligible under various Government schemes.

Efficient Treasury Management for investing your surplus funds.

Equipping the firm for rating by external rating agencies.

Preparation of CMA/ Financial Projections for renewal/ enhancement/ NEW/ Fresh credit limits.

Interaction with bankers for documentation & disbursement of credit facilities as necessary.

Assistance in drafting letters and correspondence with bank as necessary.

And many more services as requires by you…